Character Sketches

Throughout The International House of Vampires books, there is a diverse cast of characters.  For those loosely based on historical characters, there are links to external pages for those interested in learning more about them.

Wang/Kaestner Family



Name: Tamara Wang

Birthplace, Year: Manhattan, NY, USA. 1980.
Age Appearance: 33
Facade:  4’11”, long black hair, brown eyes, pale skin
Creature: Human, then Vampire Sorceress

Tamara is a banana (yellow skin on the outside, Caucasian personality on the inside) to her family who immigrated to New York from China many years ago.  A middle management hospital administrator, she is happy with her quiet family life with a husband and small daughter.  When her grandmother is diagnosed with brain cancer, she is sent to China, where she gets shot and accidently becomes a vampire.

Incredibly loyal to family and friends, she rarely complains and tries to avoid all confrontations with these important people.  She is a bit lost after the vampire incident as her grandmother ran off with her daughter’s soul and her husband commits her to psychiatric evaluation.  All these events make her even more cynical and depressed about her life.  She appeals to her vampire master, Jia, who helps her obtain training to become a sorceress through the monarchs of the International House of Vampires.



Name: James Kaestner
Birthplace, Year: Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 1977.
Age Appearance: 36
Facade:  6’5”, short black hair, black beard, blue eyes, pale skin
Creature: Human

The husband of Tamara, James is a computer programmer with an obsession for conspiracy theories.  He loves his wife very much which is why he puts up with weekly dim sum meals in which he is ignored by her Cantonese speaking family.  A perfectionist in many things, he is especially demanding that the house be neat and orderly, throwing sporadic tantrums if drawers are not closed properly.  While he dotes on his daughter, after she is in a comatose state; he pragmatically understands that life must go on and is frustrated when Tamara tells him paranormal stories which indicates to him that she has mental illness.



Name: Claire Kaestner
Birthplace, Year: Manhattan, NY, USA. 2007.
Age Appearance: 6
Facade:  Under 3’, short black hair, brown eyes, pale skin
Creature: Human

The cute daughter of Tamara and James, Claire is a little girl of mixed heritage (there is a term out there called “tomorrow children” for mixed kids which sounds so cool).  Claire is a fan of all sorts of ice cream and loves spending time with her Grandmother Wang at the zoo.  She also likes visiting the nursing home and talking to funny looking older people.

Children of Kratos Clan



Name: Grandmother Wang, Sorceress Zhi
Birthplace, Year: Shan County, Shandong, China. 241 BC.
Age Appearance: 90s, then 45 after soul absorption
Facade:  5’7”, long black hair, brown eyes, pale skin
Creature: Human Sorceress

During her time in the Wang family, Grandmother Wang was an innocent looking old lady who kept her descendents in line by controlling individual members in a matriarchal fashion.  She has fought with Tamara’s mother for over 30 years over power in the Wang family and at the age of 90 was moved to a nursing home after a series of falling accidents.

Many of her past memories were left in a jade ring and when it was returned to her, she realized she needed a sacrifice to regain her youth in order to continue her journey as a sorceress.  This has to happen every century and an artefact called the Black Heart helps her with this anti-aging process.   Formerly she was Empress Lü Zhi who ruled China with an iron fist.  Although occasionally she laments having to kill family (for the greater good of course), she has a track record of dismembering limbs of enemies and showing no mercy in murdering children or anyone that stand in the way of her goals.  She is one of the leaders of the Children of Krakos clan along with Kiya and Vincencia.



Name: Sorceress Kiya, Kita/Tushratta
Birthplace, Year: Mitanni ( Kingdom in Northern Syria). 1366 BC.
Age Appearance: 46
Facade:  5’9”, long frizzy black hair, brown eyes, brown skin
Creature: Human Sorceress

Born a transgender male prince by the name of Kita/Tushratta, Kiya took this name after her twin sister Kiya died.  Her deceased sister Kiya was one of the wives of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten who was forced out of Egypt due to accusations by Great Royal Wife Nefertiti that she had murdered Nefertiti’s daughters.  Bitter that that her sister was forced to leave her niece behind and was erased from the Egyptian history books, Kiya has spent time plotting retribution against Nefertiti throughout the centuries.

The head leader of the Children of Krakos clan, Kiya decided to revive the clan in the 21st century after many years of hiding.  Emotionally and psychologically damaged from a genocide attempt on magic users during her wedding in the 19th century, she vows to avenge the deaths of those who were slaughtered.  A resourceful individual, she is a charismatic leader who is very successful in recruiting new members to the group.



Name: Sorceress Vicencia, Vicencia la Rosa
Birthplace, Year: Sicily, Italy. c 1550.
Age Appearance: 42
Facade:  5’3”, curly brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin
Creature: Human Sorceress

Out of the Three Sisters, Vicencia is usually seen as the most innocent and nicest one among them, probably due to her religious order upbringing as a former nun.  Considered a healer and medicine woman, she is gentle in nature and cares deeply for humanity.  Instead of absorbing souls of her descendents, she prefers to use animal souls instead even though it means her powers may not be as strong as the other Sisters.   Engaged to the vampire Francisco, she is a romantic daydreamer, longing for the day of peace between vampires and magic users.  She is also a nervous and anxious person, constantly afraid for the future of the clan.

International House of Vampires Monarch Family



Name: King Ragnar Lodbrok
Birthplace, Year: Uppsala, Sweden. c. 750.
Age Appearance: 44
Facade:  6’4”, short red hair, red beard, green eyes, pale skin
Creature: Vampire

A fair minded and calm King, Ragnar does his best to ensure that the International House of Vampires advance civilization along with peace in the world.  Originally a Viking warrior and Vampire War General, he was asked to serve as King when his best friend Modu declined the invitation.  A forward thinking individual, he has advanced woman positions within the House and included his wives in modern politics.



Name: Queen Nefertiti, Great Royal Wife
Birthplace, Year: Egypt. 1370 BC.
Age Appearance: 46
Facade:  5’8”, short frizzy black hair, brown eyes, brown skin
Creature: Vampire

Queen Nefertiti is the first wife of the International House of Vampires’ head monarch, King Ragnar.  An arranged marriage to unit the continent of Africa to the House politically, their partnership is one of mutual respect and duty.  Her son with Ragnar is Prince Eysteinn.  A rather over bearing mother, she tries to guide Eysteinn as best as she could in order to help him secure the throne.

The peaceful times of the 21st century makes her feel that life is very boring and she often welcomes the excitement of Kiya trying to constantly scheme against her.  She is trained in martial arts in case of potential attacks.  Her faithful companion is her royal butler Parennefer, an Ancient Egyptian noble.  She spends much of her time buying fancy dresses, jewellery off Ebay and thinking of ways to maintain her authority in the House.



Name: Queen Yi
Birthplace, Year: Dingtao, Shandong. 234 BC.
Age Appearance: 44
Facade:  5’2”, long black hair, large brown eyes, pale skin
Creature: Vampire

The former Concubine Qi Yi was married to Empress Lü Zhi’s husband, Emperor Gaozu of Han and was his favourite wife.  Upon his death, Empress Lü Zhi, out of spite decided murder Yi’s son, then cut off all of Yi’s limbs and stuff her into a jar.  There were specific instructions on keeping Yi alive for the rest of her life.  Eventually Yi was rescued and in this modern day, outfitted with metallic arms and limbs.

The second wife of King Ragnar, their marriage of love resulted in Prince Ragnar II who was then murdered as a teenager.  In her later years she became an expert in martial arts in order to learn how to fight enemies.  Although pregnant with twins, she still insists on going on missions to hunt down Sorceress Zhi who owes her limbs and lives.  Loyal to the Vampire House, she is heavily involved in administrative duties within the organization.



Name: Prince Eysteinn
Birthplace, Year: London, England, UK. 1918
Age Appearance: 28
Facade:  5’11”, short black hair, brown eyes, brown skin
Creature: Vampire

Aloof and uninterested in House politics, Prince Eysteinn represents a new generation of vampires born in a time of peace.  He prefers to be far away from his parents, Queen Nefertiti and King Ragnar due to their lecturing about hard work.  Often skipping physical combat classes, he spends his time partying in various cities all over the world as a DJ.

International House of Vampires Citizens



Name: Jia Peilan
Birthplace, Year: Dingtao, Shandong. 220 BC.
Age Appearance: 35
Facade:  4’11”, long black hair, brown eyes, pale skin
Creature: Vampire

Queen Yi’s vampire progeny Jia, as she likes to be called, served the queen for many years during the Han dynasty.  A trained martial arts warrior, one of her latest missions was to watch the descendants of the Wang family who are the blood line of Empress Lü Zhi.  Giving into Tamara’s pleas to save her life, she unexpectedly became Tamara’s vampire master.  Practical and independent, she enjoys being alone without worrying about any type of family politics.  She takes pleasure in gaining new knowledge and working in research, especially in areas of Entomology.



Name: Merlin Ambrosius
Birthplace, Year: Carmarthen, Wales. c. 1136.
Age Appearance: 45
Facade:  5’10”, short black hair, green eyes, pale skin
Creature: Vampire Warlock

The main vampire warlock of the International House of Vampires, he and his wife, The White Maiden were the two who originally formed the House in order to bring a ruling of peace to the world.  More interested in inventing new innovations than being a leader, he asked his fellow vampire warlock friend Modu to direct this monarch organization.

Merlin met his wife when she stumbled into an enchanted cave at Loch Katrine in the Trossachs of Scotland while she was hurt and looking for shelter during a spying mission in the Opium War.  Inadvertently, she rescues him from the prison set by the Lady of the Lake.  With a playful child-like personality, he spends his time in the Invisible Fortress tinkering with experiments while teaching magic to vampire students and his hu-bot children.  Frequently he would travel to visit King Ragnar in regards to new projects.



Name: The White Maiden, Lian Nichang
Birthplace, Year: town unknown, China. c. 1572.
Age Appearance: 42
Facade:  5’8”, long white hair, brown eyes, pale skin
Creature: Vampire

An expert in martial arts, she teachers physical combat classes to vampire students and her hu-bot children at the Invisible Fortress.  The opposite of Merlin in many respects, she has a serious and calm personality, often acting in a maternal manner towards her husband.  Keeping an eye on her student’s progress, she is a very strict teacher and resorts to physical punishments if they do not do their practice exercises properly.

Born an orphan, raised by wolves and later adopted by cult leaders, The White Maiden does not know much about her own genetic history.  After having problems with the creation of children, the Maiden and Merlin decided to adopt people on the brink of death who did not want to pass on by moving their souls into hu-bot bodies.


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