Volume 2 Dark Evolution


VOLUME TWO – Dark Evolution

(Status – 50% complete, more details will be listed as book is finished)


The second book contains a continuation of a story line on Tamara and follows the journey of Betsey, who is a minor character in the first book. This book has been difficult to write as unlike the first book (which I thought about over ten years on and off) I keep changing my mind on what the story line should be.  I think I have settled at this point: it will follow Tamara for continuation, Betsey to look into the lives of human magic users, and a new threat will appear to both vampires and magic users.  Have been reading Japanese horror manga and watching a lot of the Walking Dead, so things will be more dark in this book.

Book Excerpt


“Lard face! Hurry up! It’s going to be sundown before we catch any fish at all!” A loud male voice echoed through the barren, snowy landscape.

Betsey scowled as she heard those words from a distance. She snapped her whip at the energetic huskies in front of her. Watching them struggling with the weight of their burden, she bit her lip and wondered if it would be easier on the dogs if she wasn’t so fat. She rationalized that having to carry all the fishing equipment and dog food on her sled slowed their journey as well. Although she was a young girl in her twenties, the hood of her purple parka made her appear like an old woman as she hunched over on the sled. On the other hand, it covered her ruddy brown face and dark hair so much so that one couldn’t really tell much about who she was anyway.

“Stupid Dan,” she muttered under her breath, “making me carry all this crap.”

The sun was high in the sky as she gripped the reins tighter and squinted her brown eyes through dark shades to navigate onward. Dan had parked his sled to the side already and the friendly creatures were waiting for her to feed them. This was their second trip together and last time he’d staked a log into the ground to serve as an anchor for chaining the dogs up.

November had come to Northwest Territories and the lake was frozen enough for ice fishing. They were hoping to catch Northern Pike or Lake Trout, the typical catch for this time of year. Betsey struggled to get out of the sled once it stopped, her heavy frame a constant burden. Now on her feet, she took her dogs to join their companions. Her boots and puffy attire made her look like the Michelin man. Dragging the dog food from the sled, she smiled as the dogs excitedly licked her face. She also poured some water into another bowl for them as she stroked their soft white fur. She sighed and watched the wisps of smoky air coming from her lips.

“Holy shit! You have to come see this!” Dan burst out of nowhere, startling her and making her fall on her side. His blue eyes were ablaze with excitement, and even though he was wearing a giant parka as well, he looked like a blonde Adonis. Betsey scowled as she felt wet snow enter her hood and floundered about, trying to get up on her feet again. Dan snorted with disgust at this clumsiness, then used all his strength to pull her up to her feet. His black clothing made him look like an ominous figure against the snow.

“Come on, you have to see the dead bodies I found!”

“What? No, I don’t want to see that! Stop!” Betsey tried to tear her arm out of his iron grip. “Stop fooling around! We’re just supposed to catch some fish and go back!”

He stopped abruptly and put his gloved hands on the side of her head. “I’m not joking,” he said in a hushed voice. “There’s this naked man with his head torn off and a dead seal, too. There’s blood all over the place. I think they were attacked by a polar bear!”

“What? Crap, we better leave! It might come back!” She gulped as she looked around frantically, but all she could see was some drifting snowflakes and the flat plane of frozen ice covering the lake. The bleak and empty landscape did nothing to calm her feelings of uneasiness.

Finally she crossed her arms and frowned. “Where are these bodies? I don’t see anything!”

“Let’s go.” He took her gloved hand and walked her onto the thick ice that covered the large lake.

“Where are we going?” She started to complain after about ten minutes of fast paced walking. She was out of breath and feeling cold sweat dripping down her back.

“We’re almost there, don’t be lazy!” She could tell he was rolling his eyes at her even though he was wearing sunglasses with reflective lenses.

The wind howled eerily as he led her to an area with patches of broken ice. She gasped at the pools of dried blood which made the thick ice resemble stained glass. Betsey studied the bloody harp seal carcass and grimaced at the dark red entrails spilling out of it. A thudding sound startled her for a moment. It was Dan kicking the headless human corpse over with his boot.

“He put up a good fight! Look at all the cuts and bruises on this guy. It looks like an animal mauled him! Wow, he’s black and blue all over. It must have hurt like hell,” he commented while he kneeled down to poke the body in various places with his gloved finger. “Come look at his wanker!” He delightfully laughed as Betsey gave a shriek when he picked up the sex organ of the man.

“We should go and tell the others that we found this body. He might be a missing person so we should call someone—”

He cut her off. “Are you saying we should call the RCMP? That’s the last thing we need, to have to deal with cops. We should just bury him somewhere, let him rest in peace.”

Standing up abruptly, Dan walked over to the seal carcass and started poking at it as well. “Do you think we can eat this? I mean, if it was killed by a polar bear, we should be ok eating it, right?”

“I don’t know. What if the polar bear has rabies or something?”

“But we’re cooking it. Won’t it kill the rabies?”

“Whatever, you’re just too lazy to fish…” Her voice trailed off as she looked around. “Where did the body go?”

“It’s over there,” Dan pointed to the seal carcass.

“No, the naked man,” she whispered as she frantically looked around the uninhabited landscape. Feeling frightened, she moved closer to Dan to grab his arm. Before she touched him, he fell hard to the ground. The headless man was trying to climb on top of his prey.

Giving a shriek as the headless man and Dan started to wrestle, she ran over to the men and grabbed a leg, pulling the creature off her companion. Though slightly disoriented, Dan got up quickly, leaving his sunglasses on the ground, and started to run. Stumbling after Dan, Betsey found she couldn’t keep up and then screamed when she felt a hand grab her leg, causing her body to crash to the snowy ground. Her sunglasses fell off and she groaned as her body fell on them, smashing them into pieces which dug painfully into her stomach. She felt strong hands grip her flesh and climb up her calves and thighs as she flailed about wildly.

“Fire, lightning, argh! I can’t remember the words!” she panicked as she tried to remember her spells. Closing her eyes for a split second calmed her down and she managed to release a lightning spell, directing it at the headless body. There was a flash of light and crackling noise as the creature flew backwards.

Time seemed to stop when she noticed that the body was up on its feet almost instantaneously, torso cocked to the side as if listening to something. She gulped, horrified at the smoke and bleeding flesh injuries she had caused in its chest area. A large, bleeding red eye opened in the middle of the injured tissue, blinked rapidly through bloody tears, and a sliver of a hole opened below it revealing a pink tongue which waved around in the air in a reptilian manner. Betsey’s mouth dropped open and she shook with terror, then also noticed the creature had moving slits of flesh on its side which seemed to be breathing.

Before she could regain her senses to use another spell, the headless man took off, running with incredible speed through the snow. Dan had left them far behind and had almost reached the huskies when the headless man caught up with him. The dogs started barking, but the enemy paid no heed to them.

Lifting her bruised body up from the ice, Betsey tried to shuffle off the icy lake and fell several times before she made it onto land. She tried to launch more attack spells as she saw the two men struggling once again, but she was too far away for them to be effective. She cursed as she stumbled and fell to the ground. The wind howled again, as if laughing cruelly at her.

Dan tried to utter some spells, but being a lazy student, he always forgot the order of the words and today was no exception. Letting out a roar, he tried to jam his fist into the neck of the headless man. Strong arms punched Dan in the stomach and he groaned in pain, giving the headless man a chance to pin him to the ground.

Betsey screamed as she watched the flesh of the headless man’s neck stretch out into fleshy, red ribbons which quickly injected themselves into her companion’s body. Dan’s eyes seemed to almost pop out as the strange tendons dug into his parka. His mouth opened and he screamed in pain, but then the sounds slowly became soft whimpering. She released another lightening spell as she came closer, but there was no outcome because she was drained of energy and breathing with difficulty. Blood ran down Dan’s parka, staining the snow with red petals.

Her legs turned to lead as she watched the strange scene. The wind suddenly died down and she heard an odd cracking sound. The headless man’s red ribbons were breaking down bones. With a smooth, almost elegant motion, Dan’s head was lifted up like a crown and placed onto the headless man’s neck. There was an eerie silence as the head shook about on its new pedestal and the eyeballs moved about frantically. Then the eyes stopped their adjustments and focused on the woman in the distance.

“Betsey?” A booming male voice called out of Dan’s mouth, and the strange opening in the chest moved in unison. The large, red eye and Dan’s bright, blue eyes bore into her as if expecting a response.

Eyes widening, Betsey felt a cold chill overcome her and the world became a comforting blanket of darkness as she fainted.


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