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This is a FREE club for those interested in discovering new books and artsy things. Every month I will send out an email of content such as notice about the latest Artsy Raven podcast, free downloads from a variety of speculative fiction authors (I joined an author club where we all pitch in to give away or discount some of our works) and other other cool things I discovered online.

For any author group promos, Artsy Raven Club members will be sent a detailed list of what is available to download whenever there is a group giveaway. If there is a special promo or news that needs to be shared, the emails will be bimonthly for that month.

Monthly Content

Free books: Speculative Fiction book giveaways or extreme discounts, ranging from 2-70 titles, depends on how many authors are willing to share that month

Events: Link to events I may be hosting or taking part in (there is always something happening!)

Articles: Preview and links to latest articles I may have written

Videos/Podcasts: Links to any content uploaded onto my YouTube or podcast channels

An Awesome thing: Review of one awesome artsy fartsy thing online

Archived newsletters in 2021: March, March 1.1, April, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Dec

Upcoming book author group promo themes for free e-books (ranges from 10-100 titles each month):

  • March – 1) science fiction and fantasy, 2) diverse fantasy
  • April – 1) pro-queer, disability-positive, multicultural, and neurodiverse books and stories, 2) Nightmares
  • May – Diverse speculative fiction
  • June – Fantastic Heroines: Strong Women in Fantasy & Science Fiction
  • July – Darkness Before Dawn: Dark Fantasy & Science Fiction With Happy Endings
  • August – Superb Summer Fantasy Adventure Time!
  • September – Scifi and Fantasy Stories with Family Life and Children
  • October – Tricks and Treats specfic
  • November – Epic Magic and Stellar Sorcery
  • December – Urban Fantasy, Scifi and Romance mix up

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