Futuristic Canada

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Sarah WaterRaven and I served as editors in this book project which was part of the Alliance 150 to celebrate Canada’s 150 years. We were inspired to think about what will happen in the next 150 years and asked writers to send in their stories.


Canada is a land known for polite people and poutine, but don’t be fooled. Canada is as diverse as is it vast. From an apocalyptic future to genetically designed children gone bad, from librarians trained in the martial arts to sentient bookshops using spell books to increase sales; this collection of speculative fiction was inspired by the cities, wilderness, and rich cultural diversity which makes Canada great. Sit back, relax, and get your alien-blaster ready, as you experience a Futuristic Canada.

Whoever said Canlit was boring‽

Dark Helix book purchase page: http://www.darkhelixpress.com/fiction/futuristiccanada/



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