Ricepaper Magazine 19.3 Spec Fic Issue

I had the honour of co-editing & contributing to Ricepaper Magazine (Canada’s Asian Literature magazine) in 2014. This fabulous issue featuring short stories of horror, sci-fi, fantasy can be purchased here for a mere $5 (click magazine cover)


International House of Vampire Series

I am working on a multicultural, alternate history, vampire series called “The International House of Vampires.”  The book is based on Taoist philosophies which I have unconsciously absorbed all my life along with other lessons learned.

When you hover over the “Fiction” tab you will see many links to the pages related to this series.

For older browsers, the tabs won’t work properly, so here are the individual page links:

The International House of Vampires books
Volume 1 Undead Sorceress
Volume 2 Dark Evolution
Character Sketches
Concept Art – Western Style
Concept Art – Eastern Style and maps

 You can start writing too!

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One Day Novelist Flyer

Annually, the month of November is National Novel Writing Month.  To participate (it’s free), you can visit the official site here.  Basically you challenge yourself to write 50,000 words in 30 days.  Many authors got a jump start this way, so it’s worth a try if you want to write a book!

I’ve signed up as JF Garrard, so look for me to add as your ‘writing buddy’!