Published Articles



The Year Christmas Got Canceled (Renaissance Press)

Save a Life, Stop Being Asian (Ricepaper Magazine)

Royalties – JF Garrard Breaks it Down (Authors Helping Authors)

Picking an eBook Distributor (Authors Helping Authors)

Tips for Running a Crowd Funding Campaign (Authors Helping Authors)

How To Make A Book Trailer For Free (Indie Pubchat)

As Contributor

Crowdfunding Your Self-Published Book? Here Are 3 Things You Need to Know (Entrepreneur)

How To Be A Better Ally In 2018 (Huffington Post)

12 Women Reveal How They Overcame Their Mental Illness (Total Beauty)

4 kickass moms who totally reinvented their careers on maternity leave (Moneyish, Dow Jones)

How to Bring Diversity in The Classroom (Excite Education)

12 Moms Describe the Most Embarrassing Thing That Happened While Giving Birth (Cosmopolitan)

9 Women Share How Becoming Moms Changed Their Beauty Routines (Women’s Health)

What’s this job really worth? (

14 Things We Wish We Knew Before Getting Married (Warm Up)

Experts Weigh In: How do you show love to your partners? (My Corporation)

The Lingering Effects of Alzheimer’s Disease on Caregivers (Homecare Assistance)

Fans react to ‘amazing’ and ‘confusing’ #SherlockLive Twitter mystery (NME)

The Killers Find Their Lyrics In A Fortune Cookie, Want Orange Chicken For Life (Huffington Post)

TIFF14 Live – Friday September 5th

I Still Live With My Parents And Studies Show That More Young Adults Are Doing the Same (MochiMag)

Toronto woman shocked by $4,000 Presto receipt (The Toronto Star) -sadly the most popular thing I am known for

Other Stuff

Ryerson University Asian Heritage Author Listing

Ryerson University Creative Writing Program Published Students Listing

On Pacific Rim Asian Canadian Writers list for Asian Canadian Writers’ Workshop

LiterASIAN 2015 poster

Aurora Awards 2015 Nominations – Best English Related Work – The Literary Elephant The Beginner’s Guide to Indie Publishing

Amazon Breakthrough Novel 2012, Second Round – The Undead Sorceress


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