The Curse in Brave New Girls’ Anthology Series

My latest short story, The Curse, is in Brave New Girls: Adventures of Gales and Gizmos. This anthology is the fourth release from editors Mary Fan and Paige Daniels in the Brave New Girls Anthology Series, featuring young adult science fiction tales about teen girls with a knack for science, tech, engineering and math… hackers, mechanics, inventors, and more! Proceeds from sales will be donated quarterly to the Society of Women Engineers scholarship fund.

Publisher details:

Venture into realms of sci-fi marvels

Come explore a world of teen makers and innovators. From interstellar escapades to near-future locales, this volume of sci-fi stories has something for everyone. Girls who use their mechanical acumen to save interstellar colonies and design super-powered armor. Young women who apply their knacks for numbers to finding criminals and solving environmental problems. Ladies who use brainpower and intellectual skills to defeat zombies, space pirates, evil aliens, and more.

All revenues from sales of this anthology will be donated to Society of Women Engineers scholarship fund. Let’s show girls they can be STEM superstars too.

Stories by:

Elisha Betts, Bryna Butler, Russ Colchamiro, Paige Daniels, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Lizz Donnelly, Mary Fan, JF Garrard, Nicole Iversen, A.A. Jankiewicz, Nancy Johnston, Kris Katzen, Amy Lewanski, Phil Margolies, Tash McAdam, Jelani Akin Parham, Josh Pritchett, Mackenzie Reide, Aaron Rosenberg, Jennifer Lee Rossman , J.R. Rustrian, Joanna Schnurman, Holly Schofield, Lisa Toohey, J.K. Ullrich, and Victoria Zelvin.

Featuring illustrations by Elisha Betts, Tom Daly, Sean “MunkyWrench” Eddingfield, Ben Falco, Kathy Ferrell, Fauzy Zulvikar Firmansyah, Abby Massengale, RM Nielsen, Julia Patterson, Ann Piesen, Harley Scroggins, Emily Smith, Ronald Suh, and Kay Wrenn.


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