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JF Garrard is an award winning speculative fiction writer, editor and publisher. She is the President of Dark Helix Press, host of The Artsy Raven podcast, serves as the Co-President for the Canadian Authors Association’s Toronto branch, Festival Coordinator for LiterASIAN Toronto, and Deputy Editor for Ricepaper Magazine. Her portfolio of books and short fiction is listed on jfgarrard.com and you can find her on Twitter @jfgarrard, Instagram @jfgarrard, Facebook @JFGarrardauthor.  


JF Garrard is the President of Dark Helix Press, an Indie publisher of multicultural Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Raw Non-Fiction, host of The Artsy Raven podcast, Co-President for the Canadian Authors Association’s Toronto Branch, Festival Coordinator for LiterASIAN Toronto, and Deputy Editor for Ricepaper Magazine.

She is an editor and writer of speculative fiction (Belief, Immersion, Futuristic Canada, The Undead Sorceress, Trump Utopia or Dystopia Anthology, Ricepaper Issue 19.3), non-fiction (The Literary Elephant), as well as children’s books (Feeding The Kraken!, 3x Bilingual Series). She is a writer of short stories, with her latest being “Sasaeng Waves”, in the vampire Love Bites anthology published by Mischief Publishing (2021). Her story “The Blue Son” was a winner in the Channillo Short Story Contest and “The Blue Apron” was a finalist in the Polar Expressions Publishing’s 14th annual short story competition and published in In the Mist anthology.

Her background is in Nuclear Medicine and healthcare. She has a MBA in Marketing and Strategy and a Creative Writing certificate from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University). She has been a speaker at various conferences on the topics of publishing, marketing, crowd funding, geek topics (science fiction, anime) and healthcare. Her contributions have been published in Entrepreneur, Monster.com, Women’s Health, Cosmopolitan, MochiMag, My Corporation, Indie Pubchat, Authors Helping Authors, among others. 


In 2022, MP Shaun Chen, Scarborough North, on behalf of the Canadian government awarded her and her team COVID-19 Humanitarian Service Medals for their work on anti-Asian racism.

Find her on Twitter or Instagram @jfgarrard.

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