Trump Utopia or Dystopia Anthology

Publication Date: December 25, 2017 (e-book), March 2018 (print)

ASIN: B078LRNRQM (Amazon Kindle), ISBN Printbook: 978-1988416205


Warning! This book is full of alternative facts!

Donald Trump: 45th President of the United States, businessman and television personality, iconoclast and polarizer. This anthology is a time capsule which captures the hopes and fears, thoughts and ideas of writers from all over the world who were asked to share a story in which Trump is the muse. He does not have to be the main character, however, the story must show the type of world which might result from his policies.

The many worlds created includes:
* an app which requires self-sacrifice to prove that one is a true American;
* a wizard who can make dreams come true in exchange for good PR; [which story is this??]
* a smart politician who created the wall to stop the zombies;
* Secret Service agents making difficult choices to save America;
* medieval kings demanding loyalty from both men and nature;
. . .along with people trapped in apocalyptic worlds containing vampires, a never ending trivia game show, clones, aliens and more!

Prepare to laugh, cry and become angry enough to fire the people around you (or maybe not)!

For full list of the 30 authors featured in this book, visit the official Dark Helix Press book page here.

Liquid Lunch Interview – Trump: Utopia or Dystopia: J.F. Garrard & Jen Frankel


Creative and delightful… with a wide range of form and tone, fans of speculative fiction everywhere will find something to enjoy, regardless of their political affiliations.

– M.A. Beattie, PhD (Independent Scholar of Media)

Fiction is never more important than when reality “trumps” it in weirdness. The Donald as Wizard of Oz, Ivanka branding the moon, an army of DT clones, and with much more, this anthology of short fiction and poetry will make you think, make you laugh, and hopefully, help you survive the reign of Trump.

– Rick Searle (Affiliate Scholar of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies and blogger at

Essential reading/coping mechanism for The Resistance.

—Tara Dublin (@taradublinrocks, Blocked by Trump since August 2015)

In this world of Alternative Facts, I can honestly say I read every word and loved it more than any book ever. Except the Bible and The Art of the Deal.

– Rocky Mountain Mike (HuffPost featured satirist, broadcaster, and musician)


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