I am a professional speaker on the topics of writing, crowd sourcing and self-publishing and travel throughout the year to various conferences to share my knowledge. If there are other topics which are interesting such as Japanese Anime Horror, DNA History or Women in Science, I’ll pitch in as I have a strong interest in Asian culture and work in the healthcare industry.

Online Events

No online events at the moment

Upcoming In Person Events

October 13-14, Can Con, Ottawa

Sat, Oct 13, 11am, Salon E – Economics of Traditional Publishing


Sat, Oct 13, 2pm Con Suite, Group Indie Launch – Dark Helix Press will be doing a Trump book launch in Ottawa with lots of ridiculous things to giveaway such as Trump/Clinton/Trudeau masks and a “Basket of Ridiculousness” in a raffle prize draw!

Click here for more details on what’s in the basket!

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Hilary candle


Donald Trump – And now we will ascending beyond GREAT

Sun, Oct 14, 12pm,  Penthouse A – Frankenstein: An Assemblage of Flesh

November 1, 2018 LiterASIAN Toronto (more details coming soon)

Online Radio

Superchange Your Life

Dr. Wright Radio Show

Past Events & Speaking Topics

“New Directions in Canadian Short Fiction” at University of Toronto, co-sponsored by the Canadian Authors Association, Iguana Books, Editors Toronto, and the Creative Writing Program at the School of Continuing Studies, University of Toronto.

Toronto Public Library Seminar on Self-Publishing in Canada (Toronto, Canada)

Tartan Turban Secret Readings #5 (Toronto, Canada)

LiterAsian (Vancouver, Canada)

  • Take Control of Your Writing and Self Publish in Canada!

Ad Astra (Toronto, Canada)

  • The LEGO Movie: Everything is Awesome
  • Advantages and Disadvantages in the Self-Publishing Game
  • Creating Authentic Settings in Urban Fantasy
  • The Chuck Tingle Effect: Earning Respect as a Self-Published Author
  • Crowdfunding Strategies
  • Ex Machina: The Greatest Scientific Event in the History of Man
  • What Can Your DNA Tell You?

DetCon1 (Detroit, USA)

  • Econ 101 of Self-Publishing
  • Women in Science and STEM
  • Crowdfunding: A New Path To Possibility
  • Fat, Fandom and Physiology

Anime North (Toronto, Canada)

  • How To Get Published
  • Japanese Kyonshî
  • Self-publishing & Marketing
  • Getting Published: Self or Traditional?
  • Horror Anime
  • World and Characters Building
  • How to Impress or Annoy Editors
  • Colours in Japanese Animation and Manga
  • Ghost In The Shell Controversy
  • Crowd Funding Your Dream!
  • Women in Fiction
  • The Business of Writing

Unplugged Expo (Toronto, Canada)

  • On Writing
  • Crowdsourcing How to Get it Right!

Forest City Comic Con (London, Ontario)

  • Crowdfunding: A New Path For Creations

SFContario6  (Toronto, Canada)

  • QUILTBAG in the Media
  • Self Publishing in Canada

Undead Sorceress Book Launch (Toronto, Canada)

Visionary Women’s Fiction Book Launch with Zainab Amadahy (Toronto, Canada)

Pop Culture Canada, Oshawa

Fan Expo, Toronto

Word On The Street