How to + Q&As

I have a curious personality, so when I see something that’s awesome, I always ask “how” did they do it?  This page contains links to step by step on “how to” do things ranging from creating art to writing.  Also, I’ve met a lot of fabulous people along my writing journey and they were kind enough to share their knowledge on how the type of work they do as well.  The goal of all this is to share knowledge so that we can all make stuff together!

Creative Stuff

Find high quality & free stockart

How to Create a Logo/Family Crest

How to commission art in general

How to make a free virtual mixed tape to share with friends

Publishing & Writing

How to Set up a kickstarter crowdsourcing campaign, basic overview

How to avoid paying double taxes on book royalties

How to apply for a copyright 

How to make a book trailer

Decide if you want to publish print or e-books

Figuring out royalties

Lessons Learned from Kickstarter, Tips on Running a CrowdFunding campaign (published on Authors Helping Authors)

Q & As with Professionals

Simon Horrocks, Third Contact Director

Yuri The Blade, Guitarist and Vocals for The Freak Fandango Orchestra

Sammuel Bowden, Writer and Artist

Christina Marie Leonard, Loch Ness Webseries creator and actor

Robert Altbauer, Cartographer

Elisse Marian, Manga Artist

Eumir Carlo P. Fernandez, Digital Illustrator