My YouTube Diary or Adventures In Panning for Gold Online


YouTube is the new “Gold Mountain” and many people are getting rich according to the media. Is making money via YouTube that easy?

In 2017 JF Garrard will be chronicling her journey on YouTube along with the ups/downs and surprises. Some of her friends and family are jumping in the boat with her in hopes of being able to create the “one video” equivalent to a winning lottery ticket.

Will they survive this YouTube journey together or get rich? Who know?!

Diary Entries:

How Do People Make Money On YouTube?

Opening A YouTube Channel

Meanwhile you can check out their You Tube Channels:
1) JF Garrard – travel, depression stuff
2) Kid Creatures – toy reviews, unboxing
3) One Hand Wave – comedy skits (no videos yet)
4) Po Po Gets Results – Chinese lessons (Cantonese & Mandarin) with English subtitles