Ricepaper Magazine Speculative Fiction Issue 19.3

Co-edited and wrote for Ricepaper Magazine Speculative  Fiction Issue 19.3 with Derwin Mak. This special issue contained stories ranging from Japanese ghost stories to an Asian take on classic European fairy tales.

Praise for Issue 19.3 from PRISM Magazine:

“Designing Fate” by JF Garrard.
Ricepaper’s Speculative Fiction issue is full of inventive, engaging work, including this short story about designer children who aren’t exactly true to the blueprint. I was really engrossed in this piece—the characters are well-drawn, the details are original, and the plot kept me guessing. https://jfgarrard.com/about-me/

“Sharp Teeth” by Melissa Yuan-Innes.
Teenage angst meets Chinese legend in this hilarious piece. I love how the writer balances the apathetic voice of the teenage protagonist and the cautionary voice of the protagonist’s mother, who is narrating a classic tale of deception. The result is a witty and original dialogue with a fantastical undercurrent. http://melissayuaninnes.com

Copies available on Ricepaper Magazine’s site , link here.