Finally Completed My Minion Set…But I Feel Sad

A few weeks ago, people were making fun of me for collecting Minion toys from Happy Meals. Then a couple of days later, the obsessions from the same people started furious trading negotiations as they frantically tried to complete their set before the promotion was over and the next set of Smurf toys emerge.

This morning I confessed to my husband that although I collected the entire set of minion toys from McD, I wasn’t feeling that happy as people were missing a few. I guess it was my Catholic guilt was influencing my potential to feel happiness once again.

“How altruistic of you and Orwellian,” he sniffed.

minions bigger

The altruistic part I understand, after all, I work in healthcare. This is a field where things are very complicated and the pay isn’t that great compared to other industries. But many people I know in this field all have the goal of wanting to make the healthcare system function properly to benefit society.

Orwellian refers to George Orwell’s 1984 book set in a Big Brother dystopian future where people are under survelliance and the population must give into all government orders. My snobby hubby is generally saying that me and the masses were having nonsensical thoughts by focusing on collecting these silly toys and not thinking about real world issues.

Quite frankly I disagree with this and told him that it was more accurate of him to say that I was being more Marxist than Orwellian because I wanted equity for everyone. But then again, these toys wouldn’t come out of a Marxist society as it is a waste of resources to make such things in the first place. So I conclude now that me and my minion collecting friends just being good Capitalist supporters. In the end, McD reaps profit, we feel momentarily happy over a stack of plastic, so everyone wins! Except for the planet as I’m sure these toys will be around for eternity..Damn, being happy is just not in my nature!


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