Conversing with a Digital Illustrator Part 2

This is a continuation of a conversation with a digital illustrator, Eumir, who helped me create the book cover illustration for The Undead Sorceress.  Click for Part 1 post.

three sisters

What is your favorite thing to draw?

My favourite thing to draw are High Fantasy stuff  like elves and dragons and all those good old RPG stuff XD.

Have you ever turned down a commission?  Why?

Yes I have turned down a few, because it was to draw for a porn site, an Illustrated porn site. Some are just priced to outrageously low, that meant I would be slaving away for nights on weeks that’s just going to be enough to feed me for a day.

For people who want to become digital illustrators, what tools would they need?  Do you use tablets or certain software?  What tips do you give in general?

Well, the software would be the artists preference, as for the tools I use is Adobe Photoshop, a Wacom Tablet and a computer. Tips – learn everything you can on the software you choose and practice it a lot like 12-16 hours a day. It will pay off.

Do you see any future evolution for digital illustrations?  Or where do you think changes are happening?  More powerful software for 3D drawings?

I have been seeing evolution of digital illustrations and the changes are fast and a lot of the top artists in the industry are starting to learn 3D but still the fundamentals are still found in the traditional aspects of Illustration.

What kind of marketing do you do?

I just post my stuff online and market myself a whole lot by posting in a lot of sites but I think I don’t market enough since there are still sites I haven’t really posted on. I really want to start posting on those sites once I have pieces worth posting there.

How should people contact you if they want commissions?

The best way is to email me. Since I read my emails everyday. Noting me in Deviantart, well, sometimes I only log in once a week.  Facebook could also be a quick way to contact me and its instant. My FB is on as long as I’m awake.

I have never been to the Philippines.  So lastly, tell me a little bit about your country and anything interesting I should do if I can ever afford to visit you?

It has a lot of awesome sights from beaches to mountains and caves. If you visit me you will be surprised how much your money will last in my country XD hahaha

You have been a great part in bringing my book vision to life and I wish you the best of luck! 

Once again, remember to check out these links to his awesome works of art:!