Conversing with a Manga Artist Part 3

This is part 3 of a conversation with Eri-Chan, part 2 can be found here and part 1 here


How is the cosplay scene in the Philippines?  I see it growing in North America as it’s becoming more main stream in large cities with fan conventions over the years.

Cosplay here in the Philippines is also beginning to be mainstream. There are more and more people getting hooked and the demand for props makers and costume makers are starting to increase. You’ll see costumes just getting better and better every time. Events are also everywhere, to the point that there’s almost a new convention every month. Cosplayers and anime organizations here host open photoshoots for cosplayers every now and then that doesn’t just give opportunities for cosplayers to show their hobby and craftsmanship, but also for photographers to practice their passion. In our case, we use those events to meet up and bond with our online friends whom we met through cosplay. 🙂

To be honest, I haven’t really actually cosplayed any character in a convention~ I usually just dress up (my style is usually Mori-kei or forest girl), or wear yukata or maybe a maid costume. I use the term dress up, since I consider it a fashion style rather than cosplay. Real Cosplay, in my opinion, is when you actually portray a character, and I haven’t really done that (well, except for some photoshoots where I’ve done Lulu the Fae Sorceress from League of Legends, but that’s just really a short period of time for a shoot, but I’m looking forward to doing more cosplay in the future. )

Do you have a pitch for people about yourself?  I know this is a total marketing thing, but as an author I have been told to sell myself over and over again…I’ve been given the same advice for any job interviews. 

I’m not the showy type of artist, really. I’m an introvert, after all. But I do tend to optimize the use of social media and technology for the exposure of my craft and to reach out to potential clients, like posting my artworks in online galleries, especially Facebook, which is where I usually post updates and announcements. I don’t try to sell a fake perfect image of me to clients; I try to be true as much as possible, which is why I encourage them to add me up on my social media account.  

How should people contact you if they want commissions?

I encourage them to inquire by my email, They can also add me up on Facebook, or any of my social media accounts.

I have never been to the Philippines.  So lastly, tell me a little bit about your country and anything interesting I should do if I can ever afford to visit you?

Beaches are what I love most about here; we have stunning beaches, especially those in Camarines Sur, Boracay, Batangas, Ilocos and Palawan. I certainly recommend nature trips if ever anyone wants to visit since there are just a LOAD of untouched paradises here. 🙂

You have been a great part in bringing my book vision to life and I wish you the best of luck! 

Thanks, Jean. Same here, I look forward to the completion of your story~! ^_^

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