Mom, I’m busy with SMOL Dark Helix Press Reading Panels this weekend but I will still take you grocery shopping

My mother doesn’t believe me when I say I’m working and hustling on the weekend, so I don’t tell her about my creative life anymore. But I know she secretly checks my social media, so she’ll see my posts!

On Sunday, March 7 there are two panels happening, at 5pm a “Dark Fantasy and Sci-Fi” panel and 6pm an “Unendorsed Trump Inspired Tales” panel. When we did book launches in person for Futuristic Canada and Trump: Utopia or Dystopia we couldn’t gather all the authors, so I’m very excited to hear some of them read for the first time! Details for free registration here:

Am trying really hard to build an email list for Dark Helix Press to connect with people, so I’m giving away a set of books and an Amazon gift card here:

Then I realized that I should separate JF Garrard from the Dark Helix Press brand and I have no email list. For myself, I won’t sign up for anything unless there is good content so I will work hard on making worthwhile content to share. Via the “Artsy Fartsy Raven Club” every month I’ll be sharing free book links, event listings, video/podcast links and one awesome artsy thing!

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