The 105 Year Old Woman Who Wouldn’t Die

The Woman Who Wouldn’t Die is the name of a memoir I want to write one day about my grandmother. While planning mom’s funeral last October, grandma was hospitalized and I was told I will be planning her funeral in a week.

Flash forward, it’s February and she turned 106! She is still alive to the astonishment of the staff at the nursing home. At least they stopped telling me she will pass soon, which was getting annoying on a daily basis. Since the staff thought she was in trouble, they asked my family to feed all the meals since each meal takes 3-4 hours and their staff has fifteen minutes per person per meal.

However, last week, she was hospitalized again and it’s up to her if she wants to stay or go. We support her either way but draw the line at feeding tubes and other invasive measures.

Some friends have said I haven’t had time to grieve mom’s death because I am too busy with work and grandma. Mom always worried about grandma (her mother-in-law) starving to death from lack of attention in the nursing home, so I know mom would tell me to stop crying and take care of grandma and my child. There are other relatives around who have opinions but are not here…

Taking it one day at a time…shelved a lot of my writing projects for now. The only thing I published recently was my kid’s book series about marbles because of parental guilt since I am sacrificing time with my child to take care of grandma more. The marble books are whimsical stories about Fred the marble and his silly friends. Only a kid can write these type of stories! On Amazon here if you have marble crazed kids, talking marble stories are pretty niche!