Artsy Raven March 2023 newsletter out! Emotional damage, postcolonial horror & more!

Since Mailchimp has increased in price, I’m trying out another mailing list program – SendFox. It’s attractive because it has a one-time lifetime fee for up to 5K emails which is a pro, however, the con is that it doesn’t have the latest bells and whistles. As well, sending out emails take a few hours. Other programs that charge monthly fees have better software, faster sending and archiving options but given I can barely manage one newsletter a month, I want to be frugal.

In this newsletter I have a link to a free event with postcolonial horror writer Tonya Liburd who is a writer and editor, a link to a female author reading group I have been part of for a while (Strong Women Strange Worlds), some artsy fun of creating rose cupcakes, my latest “emotional damage” design, DIY video to create rose cupcakes and of course, links to lots of free eBooks.

To access the newsletter click here for a pdf version. If you subscribe you will receive a nicer looking newsletter and a free gift, one of my short stories, Designing Fate. Click here for the free story!