Happily Ever After

In the middle of the pandemic, there was a submission window to send in happily ever after fantasy stories in a more traditional sense with knights or fairies, etc. It was a challenge to write since I was still depressed over my father’s death (little did I know mom and my grandma’s death was going to happen soon), but I pulled myself together to write a short story, “Ice and Fire.”

“Ice and Fire” is about a very selfish male university student sent to school to learn magic to save his kingdom from trolls but ends up fooling around with a rich princess instead. His adopted sister is the real hero in this story and there is some humor involving a 1-800 number to call upon “rescue knights” who only aid people for a hefty fee! At one point their grandmother in danger of being fed to the trolls, can they rescue their grandmother in time?

The anthology is available in eBook & print, purchase links are here: https://books2read.com/u/3R0P7G


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