Sasaeng Waves in Love Bites Anthology

Previously I published a short fiction piece, Sasaeng Fans, in the 666 anthology about Kpop fans tearing apart a Kpop idol. It’s based on a longer piece, Sasaeng Waves, is a short story which explores this idea a bit more and describes the night in which Leo, a Kpop idol, is destroyed by his fans. The story was published in Love Bites by Mischief Publishing, an anthology of stories featuring dark love ideas. As people become more connected, it’s easier for a fan to track down their idol to satisfy a desire for themselves to be part of their idol’s life. The anthology is available here:

At a later date I hope to write more stories about Leo the Kpop idol in a similar vein to Junji Ito’s Tomie. However, Tomie is a manga and I feel it doesn’t explore her much as a character other than she gets killed in every story and comes back to life for revenge. How did she become that way? Why do people want to kill her all the time? Anyhow, this Leo project is something I would like to work on one day.


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