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Hello!  大家好!Bonjour! 今日は! Olá! 안녕하세요! Salut! नमस्ते! Goededag! 

السلام عليكم! Siema! Здравствуйте! ¡Hola! สวัสดี! Ciao! བཀྲ་ཤིས་བདེ་ལེགས།!

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 Undead Sorceress, Book 1 of The International House of Vampires Series is now available!

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Amazon Paperback Version

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This is an author site with excerpts of my stories and a blog about random things in my life!

I give talks at convention panels (check “events” for schedule) and will eventually make some podcasts about publishing and marketing for upcoming authors.

Tutorials are in the “How To” Section for those interested in crafting and creating their own works of art!





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One comment to JF Garrard

  • Donna  says:

    Hi JF,

    What a pleasure meeting you in the midst of the “great book transfer”.
    I’m having a fantastic time reading your entertaining, thought provoking, and
    “don’t want to put down” novel. It never occurred to me after 70 years of
    reading all styles and interests that I would be so drawn to your creation.
    Excellent work. I’ve given a friend a copy for her daughter (age 40+) and one to
    my daughter for her daughter (age 20). I’ve encouraged them to read it first themselves
    even though they seemed unsure if it would be in their realm of experience and interest. I
    said “try it, you’ll like it, works for me!”. I’m sure your writing will be
    multi-generational as well as multicultural.

    On the personal side, AM said you had some problems last week. I hope
    everything is okay and that you’ll take very good care of yourself. This weekend
    will be pretty busy for you with the event but try to slow down and accept all
    and any help available.

    Sending lots of powerful chi…… Sincerely, Donna

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