Anime North 2013

Yesterday I did some volunteer work for Anime North 2013.  It’s been a while as I had stopped helping the con out due to work and education pursuits which took up a lot of time.  There were lots of nerdy merchandise to buy in the dealers room, lots of wonderful amateur artwork to peruse and the high point was two live moving Daleks who went around shouting “exterminate…exterminate!”  There were some aerial silk acrobat performers and wrestlers throwing each other to the ground…making one feel very lazy as I certainly had none of those amazing capabilities.  There were also lots of amazing costumes, although it seemed like people were dressed up 50:50 (normal clothing: costume).  Lots of Links from Legend of Zelda (in the dealers room I saw a Zelda metal shield, was so tempted to buy, but held back), bought some steam punk genre jewelry so perhaps on my next visit to the con I’ll wear a Victorian steam punk dress.  Spoke at length with some professional artists and writers, which made me realize I better kick myself and start moving on this publishing goal.  Last year at Anime North 2012 I spoke about writing, so someone had asked me if I wanted a table for my wares.  Alas, it was embarrassing to admit I had nothing to sell this year, so here’s hoping that next year I’ll have something ready!!