At Anime North I had participated in an auction and bought two pieces of jewelry that were “steampunk” in style (bracelet & locket).  There were also metal goggles, scarves and pocket watches on sale, but I refrained myself.  All the pieces were just so beautiful and…shiny which is a weakness of mine as I do like things that reflect light.

Steampunk is is based on Victorian-era clothing style, but incorporates  industrial elements such as brass gears, fittings, watch parts, leather and rivets.  Many costumes for women include corsets, puffy skirts, high neck blouses and masculine style jackets.  As I had a conversation with a friend today about how obsess I have been lately about buying a corset to make a costume for the next Anime North, she pointed out how ironic this was since I was still on a journey on trying to get pregnant.  Well, whether the baby/parasite (that’s what we called them in embryology class) thing happens or not, I do hope I will keep enough shape to fit into the corset in the future.

The whole concept of steampunk fascinates me as it is so creative and cool!  As I age, it seems less likely I can dress up like a gothic Lolita without looking like an old woman-child but steampunk seems more doable and ageless.

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