Apocalypse 4 Book Launch

A few weeks ago, I was invited to the Apocalypse 4 book launch at the Best Western Primrose hotel in downtown Toronto. Hugh Rookwood, a classically trained Illustrator/Animator is the main artist of this 12 book series and Corrado Rizza is the author.

We were gathering to celebrate the launch of Apocalypse4: Chapter 1 “Exile” which is available as an ebook on Amazon and print version available only at conventions. Eventually, after the 12 books are released, a special edition graphic novel will be released with sketches and behind the scene secrets.

The story of Apocalypse 4 as featured on their Facebook page:

“In our present time of technological advancements the world is in aweof the potential future mankind will be able to achieve. Thanks to such discoveries as the Higgs boson particle and advancements in stem cell research, humans will be living longer, less diseased, and have limitless excess energy; but what if not all is as it seems and these achievements will only cause our demise when ancient forces decide that we have gone to far.

Apolcalypse4 is a fantastic tale that takes place in all 3 known realms, heaven, earth, and hell; and will tell an alternate story of human origins, our deities, and the purpose of our lives and what they mean to the universe as a whole.”

Usually my preference for comic books is DC’s Vertigo comic lines, especially the stories which deal with mythology and supernatural stuff. This story line reminds me of Mike Carey’s Lucifer about fallen angels and stuff.

At the book launch there was a beautiful trailer for the book (I quite remember the logo spinning around in flames!) and a Q & A with Hugh and Corrado. It was a great party with good food, interesting Indie people and I look forward to reading my autographed copy of the comic!

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